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Time did nothing but good to certain people. I see so many actors on my TV and can’t help but be in awe at how amazingly they have aged. I might even say some look much better now than they did when they were young. So, having that in mind, I put together a list of 50-year-old hunks that you should keep an eye on when you watch TV.

Here they are:

Kevin Bacon (7/8/58 – 54 years old) – The Following was on my “dying to watch” list since it began being promoted by FOX and, I can tell you that, 70% of my dying to watch it was because of Mr. Bacon. From Footloose to these days, he still does it for me. 

Christopher Meloni (4/2/61 – 51 years old) – Chris Meloni does not need any introductions, does he? After years watching him locking up New York’s most dangerous sex offenders, we could see him abusing his power as the head of the table of the Vampire Authority in True Blood. I enjoyed every minute of Chris’ screen time! What about you?

Tim Daly (3/1/56 – 56 years old) – Private Practice’s finale aired last week and throughout 6 years Pete was a bit of a ladies man. Can you blame Addison, Violet and the other female characters who could not resist him?

Billy Campbell (7/7/59 – 53 years old) – Billy Campbell was last seen on TV as City Councilman/Mayor Darren Richmond in The Killing. I'm pretty sure he took the female audience’s breath away in his hot/grieving scenes. Billy can do no wrong: whether he is the good or bad guy, he is hotter than never!

Dylan McDermott (10/26/61 – 51 years old) – I just can’t make up my mind whether I like him better as the cheating husband/psychiatrist or a serial killer’s son. Rocking a baby face or a grey beard, he’s always a winner!

Henry Czerny (2/8/59 - 53 years old) - I have to be honest with you. I had not paid any special attention to Conrad Grayson and his mischevious ways until I had the opportunity to interview Henry Czerny. Papa Grayson became a sexy dad after that. Blame it on those piercing blue eyes!

Other 50-year-old hunks out there that make our hearts skip a beat: Eric McCormack (Perception - 4/18/63 - 49 years old), John Stamos (9/19/63 - 49 years old), Thomas Gibson (Criminal Minds - 7/3/62 - 50 years old).

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