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Needless to say Gwen Stefani has been awarded with Best Abs

Fitness Magazine has announced the hottest celebrity bodies of 2012 just as an inspiration for the rest of us mortals who haven't been to the gym as much as we wanted to.

Apart from the traditional categories - Best Abs, Best Arms, Best Back - Fitness Mag have included some fun categories, such as Best Revenge Body and Best Baby Bump.

Check out the "winners" below:

Best Legs: Blake Lively

Good genes, yes. But those long and lean stems are the result of hard work, too! The bombshell perfects squat jumps and lunges to keep her gams looking great. Now if only we could forgive her for taking Ryan Reynolds off the market...

Runner-up: Heidi Klum

Best Arms: Michelle Obama

In what many considered to be a risky move, the First Lady donned a sleeveless dress at the Democratic National Convention this year, sparking quite a buzz. But really, with biceps like those can you blame her? Here's to four more years of striving to get MObama-worthy guns!

Runner-up: Ashley Greene

Full list of winners here.

Source: Fitness Magazine

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