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We all followed the drama that came with Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship back in 2009. And we all know what happened after that: Rihanna sent messages to all battered women in the world, telling them to get out of abusive relationships, etc. At the other end, Chris Brown got turned down by Oprah and many other TV personalities, his career met a huge wall and, for a moment, even he thought it was all lost. 

Three years later, Rihanna e Chris Brown were seen making out in a club in Manhattan. According to E!, Chris arrived at the club first and Rihanna a little later. He, then, joined her at her table and, before starting to dance and make out, Chris Brown took his shirt off! After their PDA, Chris left the club and Rihanna followed him 5 minutes later.

There's more.

Chris Brown is currently in a relationship with Karrueche Tran, a model, who was nowhere to be seen at the club where it all happened.

As if that PDA wasn't enough, Rihanna and Chris were seen together again yesterday (10/3) at a Jay Z concert in Brooklyn, reports E!. This photo of the notorious couple was posted on Instagram and twitter. They were also photographed making separate exists from Manhattan's Gansevoort Hotel wearing the same clothes they wore at Jay Z's concert.

Meanwhile, on twitter, Karrueche Tran posted a cryptic message saying 'Bye, baby.'

Chris Brown is still on probation for Rihanna's beatdown and last week, a judge refused to revoke the singer's probation after he tested positive for marijuana. 

Do you think Rihanna should give Chris Brown a second chance?

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