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Taylor Momsen - Flashes Breasts On Stage

Taylor Momsen makes Miley Cyrus look rather sweet. The "Gossip Girl" star stood by her bad girl image and exposed her breasts on stage while she was performing with her Pretty Reckless band in New York on Thursday. By the way, she is only 17.

While singing the band's "Make Me Wanna Die" single at Don Hill's in NYC, the actress/singer bared her breasts to the audience for a second.

Thankfully, Momsen "tastefully" covered her nipples with pasties, according to Hollywood Life when she took the stage at the Paper Magazine & Express Celebrate "Rock the Sidewalk" event.

But the boob show didn't stop there. She also reportedly ran her hands up and down her body, groping her chest during the act.

While the underage Momsen has made it a habit to shock the world with her bold statements and provocative outfits, this is the first time she actually used and exposed her body to be a marketing tool for their single.

The act makes all the hullabaloo on the "Glee" photo shoot and Cyrus' bra-less day out pretty tame.

Source: icelebz

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