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Lindsay faces a lonely time in prison

LINDSAY LOHAN faces a lonely time in prison - she will be locked up on he r own for 23 hours a day.

The Mean Girls actress is due to begin a 90-day sentence on 20 July (10 ) for violating her parole on drink-driving charges.

She will be incarcerated at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Los Angeles - and is expected to be separated from other inmates, accordi ng to the New York Daily News.

Steve Whitmore, of the L.A. County Sheriff's office, tells the publicat ion, "(She would have) a cell by herself. She would be separated from the general population. She would be in a pod with other inmates in the same classification." Convicts at the jail are only allowed out of their cell for an hour eac h day. Make-up is banned and inmates wear a drab blue uniform - and even bras and underwear are prison-issue.

Source: pr-inside

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