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With the report over the weekend that Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy have split leaving many questioning whether the royal couple are actually over, Naughty But Nice can confirm that the redheaded Prince is indeed a single man once again. Why did they go their separate ways, you ask? Well, apparently Miss Davy got sick of waiting for her day to become a princess.

Over the weekend, the News of the World reported that the two -- who have dated on-and-off over the course of the last six years -- were no longer an item and that Davy had plans to move to South Africa to start her career. However, my sources tell me that Harry's desire to stay a bachelor for many more years was the real spark plug.

"Chelsy knew he wasn't going to propose and wasn't willing to wait anymore. She put her life on hold for him and now wants to start fresh -- outside Britain," a well-placed source in London tells me.

So why was Harry keeping her waiting so long?

"Chelsy loves Harry but understands she will never be a princess. Harry would never propose before his brother and future king."

The brother and future king my source is speaking of is, of course, Prince William. The elder prince, who turned 28 today, has long been rumored to be on the brink of engagement with his longtime girlfriend, Kate Middleton. However, much like Harry, no ring has been given and time is not a priority.

Aside from Harry simply not being ready to be a married man, my source hints that Chelsy's party girl reputation may also have something to do with the decision to split.

Harry is reportedly "worried about how Chelsy would handle being married to the second in line to the throne."

The same worries apply to Harry as well. "The royal family are happy about the split. They want William to get married first and think Harry has a lot of growing up to do," my source says.

Harry has found himself in numerous scandals over recent years -- his most famous being when he wore a Nazi outfit, complete with swastika -- to a costume party. The photos later appeared on the front page of The Sun for the world to see.

Single or not, one thing is for sure, according to my source: "Harry is now the most eligible bachelor in the world. Every single girl in the UK is happy again."

Source: PopEater

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