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Jay was joined by two great guests last night: Tom Cruise and Bryce Dallas Howard. Tom talks about his dancing alter-ego, Les Grossman, his new movie and did an impression of Donald Duck! Then the Twilight Saga’s newest member, Bryce revealed her secret obsession with the books…and with Robert Pattinson

Videos after the jump.

Tom Cruise
Part 1: Tom talks about his Les Grossman dance with Jennifer Lopez at the MTV Movie Awards.

Tom Cruise continued
Part 2: Tom Cruise talks family and new movie Knight and Day.

Tom Cruise does Donald Duck
Jay makes Tom Cruise do his Donald Duck impression.

Bryce Dallas Howard
Part 1: Bryce talks family and crush on Robert Pattinson.

Bryce Dallas Howard continued
Part 2: Bryce Dallas Howard talks Twilight Eclipse and playing Victoria.

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