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The 25 years old actress talked about the third season’s arc and her upcoming projects.

Everyone knows, Deborah Ann Woll playing as Jessica in True Blood series.

For some of you she might be really annoying, but Deborah can handle with this character, obviously. "You know, people do things that are wrong or annoying or inconsiderate. We are not a perfect race — and neither are vampires." says Deborah.

Her character, Jessica, came on board near the end of season one and had to join this cast already in progress. She told when she firstly came into the series, she was just a two-episode guest star. "After I filmed the first two episodes, the day before I came in to film the finale for the first season, I got the call that they were offering me a regular position for the second season, which was extremely exciting. I was really surprised, but of course I was so grateful, because it’s meant a lot to me." told Deborah.

What about Jessica’s relationship with Hoyt? Do you think it will on front in the whole 3. season? Oh as far as i can tell, totally yes. But maybe their relationship shouldn’t reconnect.

They ask Deborah about Jessica's progress in this year, and they got a simple but really true answer for it: "Each season, I feel like I start and end in a different place, and that’s what you want as an actor." So if i can have a guess, our lovely baby vampire will not be a "baby" vampire for end of this season.

I heard Deborah will be there on a next Comic-Con. As she would say: "I am going to Comic-Con, definitely."

Let's talk about Deborah Ann Woll's plans on a movie front.

First of all, We know she might be play the daughter of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character, in The Master. As i heard she talked about this character, but "there’s nothing official, the script is in progress, and she doesn't think anyone is anywhere near making a decision."

But, She is "definitely in the upcoming remake of the horror film Mother’s Day." She play a character Lydia Koffin. She think this movie is "has a lot of unique qualities" to it that you wouldn’t normally find in that kind of home invasion drama.

I always watchin' you in True Blood, Babyvamp. Of Course i will also check your new movie(s). You are the best Deborah, and i like your hair.

I really hope you too guys.



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