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Pirate Of The Music Industry?

He’s one of the biggest movie stars of all time, and now Johnny Depp is trying his hand at producing and putting out music.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” stud is set to launch his own record label and is already assembling a roster of bands.

An insider told press, “Johnny has always been passionate about music. He’s taking a really hands-on approach to signing acts.

“Obviously he can’t get to as many gigs as he would like but he’s got a good team around him and will personally vet any signings that they make.”

Source: celebrity-gossip

As long as he doesn't get carried away and put his own vocals on some tracks... I have a hard enough time forgiving him for the shoddy accents in his films. Some actors just need to stick to the screen, (right Hoff?) Saying that, Johnny Depp could be completely wasted, eating a hamburger off the floor, and it'd still be okay. He's Johnny freakin' Depp. (Sorry, Hoff).

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