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Mariah Carey vs Veterinarian

Mariah Carey is being hounded by a New York veterinarian named Cindy Bressler.

So what’s the doggy doctor’s bone of contention with Carey?

Bressler, who tends to the pampered pooches of a slew of stars, claimed in court papers filed in New York today that the superstar owes her nearly $30,000 for what’s being termed “extraordinary services” for Carey’s canines, Cha-Cha, Dolomite and JJ.

The papers don’t specify exactly what Bressler did for Carey’s Jack Russell terriers, but they do note that the singing sensation allegedly just paid $8,231.50 of a $37,790.50 bill. Now Bressler wants the balance of $29,559.

A rep for the dog-loving Carey tells Gossip Cop that “Mariah’s legal team is unaware of any lawsuit that has been filed.”

Source: Gossip Cop

Mariah Carey paid $8,231.50 instead of $37, 790.50? Clearly she never did so well in mathematics!

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