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Katy Perry - Married?

Singer Katy Perry has sparked rumors that she's married after reportedly calling Russell Brand her "husband" on British TV.

The MTV UK reported that Perry referred to Brand as her husband during an interview with Irish TV host Graham Norton on Thursday night. The episode of the The Graham Norton Show is set to air Monday night in the UK.

Perry, 25, also referred to Russell's mother, Barbara, as her mother-in-law.

"Life's never dull with him – that's why I married him," she also said before correcting herself to say why she is marrying him.

Music Rooms said that Perry then refused to clarify her status.

Perry, who the Huffington Post reported is posing topless in the UK edition of Esquire, and the British comic got engaged in 2009. Music Rooms said the couple usually keep their marriage plans a secret.

The website said that Russell, known as being a womanizer, credits Perry for changing him.

He said Perry, who can be a "big character," is normal at home. He talked to Music Rooms about the first time he took her home and his mom was making dinner.

"Mum's clumsy like I am and she spilled some gravy,” he recalled. "I remember just watching how Katy very naturally went and got a cloth, got down and started cleaning the floor without saying anything. And I thought, 'Ah, I like that about you. I want to marry you.’"

Source: Fox 50

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