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"Doctor Who star Karen Gillan has confessed she shed tears reading the scripts for the finale of the series.
The actress, who plays the Doctor's assistant Amy Pond, reckons fans will bawl too when they watch it.

Karen said: "Both parts are very very different which is cool. Episode 12, the first part, is kind of quite action-packed and there are a few revelations in there and things, the story is slowly starting to make more and more sense and that's quite satisfying I think, And then for the second part, it's... I cried a lot when I read it so hopefully people cry when they watch it because it is sad. Yeah, it's emotional but uplifting and great."
The actress, who has been a hit in the role, also confirmed she will be back for the Christmas special and for another series of the BBC drama."

Source: Belfast Telegraph

Hmm, Let's see, so Amy Pond(Karen Gillan) will not die because she confirmed a Christmas special (alias: 6x00), so why was she crying? oh C'mon sweetheart, Who will die? Maybe the Eleventh Doctor? I mean change his body? again? Too many questions.



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