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Her show “Price of Beauty” got the nod for a second season, but Jessica Simpson is switching things up a bit this time around.

According to Us magazine, the VH1 show will focus more on the “Angels” singer giving people makeovers, as shown on the finale episode, instead of traveling the world with friends, Ken Paves and Cacee Cobb.

"VH1 is in talks with Jessica for a series on beauty and image," a source close to the project told press.

Chiming in on the upcoming changes, a VH1 rep announced, "We are here to stay with Jessica and are committed to this journey and this message with her about women, self image, etc… all through Jessica’s totally unique and unfiltered lens. We are really excited about the next step, which we will announce soon and will air on VH1 in 2011."

Source: Celebrity-Gossip.net

No,no,no! Like The Doctor said "It can't be".
Sharon, Andy or Anyone please tell me, Why? Why all impoverished star make a show, Lindsay, Eva and now Jessica? Oh C'mon you can work like any normal people. Don't need to do this shiny-fancy-show-thing(copyright)
It will kill me, really. By the way, she looks good.


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