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GaGa Song "Changing Skies" Leaks?

Is it possible? A new Lady GaGa track has leaked and it features Miss G straight out singing along to a cool, military –precision-drum beat. We found the track on Idolator.

Vulture questions if that is T.I. rapping in the background. We don’t know who it is, but it doesn’t matter. Quite frankly, it just distracts from the track.

Is “Changing Skies” Lady G’s message to us that she’s changing it up on her forthcoming third album? It’s definitely a move away from tunes like “Bad Romance,” which had about six different moving parts, and is more of a traditional song structure. And it is light years better than “Alejandro,” GaGa’s most unremarkable song to date. There’s nothing particularly “Lady GaGa” about it, but maybe that’s her way of keeping us on our toes. After a few repeat listens, it’s almost Disney Channel material—other than the very cool, trippy fade-out. Do we think that’s what she’s going for? Maybe what makes it so shocking is that there’s nothing in it that’s shocking? How Lady GaGa of her.

Source: Hitfix

So the shock to this song is that there really is no shock to it? Meh, either way, I actually quite like it. But then again, I'm a bit of a GaGa fan, God rest my soul. I really think he's a great performer.

I mean *she.* Ahem.

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