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“The Bachelor” Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi broke up over the weekend. The amicable split is quickly turning into a very nasty affair with Vienna accusing Jake of being an insensitive fame wh*re and Jake claiming he has no doubt she had been cheating on him.

“He has no tolerance for infidelity,” a source tells Us Weekly of Pavelka, who first found out she was cheating on him on Monday (in a Twitter post Tuesday, she denies any cheating). “At first he gave her the benefit of the doubt, but soon realized it was true. He realized he couldn’t be blinded by love anymore.”

But “there were other things” wrong in their 7-month relationship, adds the insider. “She was jealous of him and did not support his career. The cheating was just the final straw. Things had been troubled for awhile.”

Source: Bump Shack

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