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Amanda Bynes recently tweeted that she was retiring from acting, and while we're sure the 24-year-old starlet has enough money to live comfortably for the rest of her life, we were still shocked over the news. Reports have surfaced that the starlet's divalike and erratic behavior was the reason she got fired from her latest acting gig, and that her agency even planned a mini-intervention!

Amanda announced that she was no longer attached to the Farrelly brothers’ latest film, Hall Pass via Twitter, stating, “FYI I am NOT in Atlanta doing a cameo in Hall Pass like people think!! I was, but I left because of scheduling conflicts!!! It’s a huge cast and I was going to do a little part but it didn’t work out timing wise!! I have NO idea why people think I’m there filming!" Amanda's rep backed up her statement and denied that she had been fired, but a source on the set of the film has a different story.

The snitch tells The Daily Beast Amanda acted strangely during the filming, and they described her behavior as "paranoid and fearful." Owen Wilson and the Farrelly brothers wanted her to stay "if she could get a hold of herself," but nothing changed so she was given the ax. And get this -- the source added that producers kept the cameras rolling in between takes to document her odd behavior in case anyone from her camp decided to sue!

Another source said that Amanda's agents at CAA have had a "please-get-help talk" with her this year, but so far the actress has resisted. Amanda's publicist shot down the reports of a mini intervention, but after reading her bizarre tweets at 3am, we're not sure what's going on! We've met Amanda numerous times and she's always been a doll, and a producer who has worked with her on numerous occasions tells us that she's always been "a pleasure to work with" so we're not sure how we feel about all this. Is it possible that Amanda is heading to Lindsayville, or is she just over the Hollywood scene? And now that she's not acting, what's she going to do next?

Source: x17online

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